Understanding Types of Text


Text can be classified into several types. The term of 'type' is sometime stated as 'genre'. These types of text are Narrative, Report, Analytical Exposition, Procedure, Recount, Spoof, Anecdote, Discussion, Description, Explanation, Review, Hortatory, News Item, etc.
These classification on type of text are based on analysis of three main elements of text. These elements of text are:
The purpose of the text; why is the text made?, what is text made for by its writer
The generic structure of the text; analyzing the used structure in composing the text, in what way is the text constructed by its writer.
The language feature; taking a look at the linguistic characterizations of the text, what kind of language feature is used to build the text by its writer.
However, a text is not pure form. It is a mixture of genre. In many examples, report text is sometime mixed with explanation text. Recount text is compromised to report or descriptive type. Texts do not always conform perfectly to the typical classifications. Understanding types of text should be aimed as understanding general guiding principles. Studying types of text should be read as studying genres, and not for a factual direction in writing a text.