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Idioms for Expressing Surprised and Disbelief

I have posted about some expressions of surprised and disbelieved feeling. The expressions are used when we are in condition of surprised or if we feel disbelief about some news which we hear.
For further learning about this expression of surprised and disbelieved, students of ESL (English of second language) or EFL (English as foreign language) need to know another materials related to expressions of surprised and disbelieved. This useful further materials the idiom which is commonly used when English speakers feel surprised or disbelieved.
What is idiom? According to, idiom is word, phrase, or expression that can not be understood literally. Idiom has a meaning other than the basic one we would find in the dictionary. mostly languages have their idioms. Believed or not, Learning idiom makes understanding and using the languages a lot easier and more fun.
Relating to expressions of surprised and disbelief, I found a very useful reference which tell and describe in detail explanation about some idioms in English which are commonly used to express feeling of surprised and disbelief. Check it out

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