Areas of Text Types Students Should Learn in English

What should students learn when they get text genres? Text types becomes the main discussion in English class during high school. How wide actually should student learn in English? Why do the pupils study text types areas?

Well, Types of text actually conveys three main areas. This areas are intended to make the students use their English applicable in their social daily life. Most of the text types are functional as they are used for daily communication.

The three main areas in text types are short conversation of transactional and interpersonal text. This short conversation show how English is functional in their life. For example, student are give certain circumstance in or out of the class of asking direction, or they are suggested to pretend the simulation for role play in formal and informal situation. They will ask certain information, they will ask a good or the student will ask any services in their daily life. These short conversation will encourage to apply some key words or useful expression like annoying situation, angry, asking permission etc.

Second types are short functional text which is commonly found in social life. This kind of text include announcement, advertisement, brochure, pamphlet, leaflet etc. This kind of written and spoken materials are designed to imitate the communicative medium among society. For example the medium to communicate between the announcer in an airport and the passengers.

The third is English genres. This text types is actually a monologue one whether spoken or written. Text types like narrative, recount, procedure, exposition, explanation, discussion, etc are dominantly part of material of Learning English.

All kinds of text which are studied in English should strengthen to the four indicators of the text. The indicator of the text are:

Purposes of the text. Each text must have certain purpose. This should lead the student to identify the kind of text easily. Knowing the purpose of each text will greatly help student to get better understanding on the meaning as a whole.

Generic structure of the text. Each text is constructed differently from one to another. However some students will get slightly difficulty when they find some typical generic structure of texts. For example the generic structure of descriptive and report, they are in certain degree are very identical. Even, both are difficult to differentiated.

Language feature. Each text are written with certain dominant language characteristic. For example, a procedure text will likely written in imperatives sentences. That is why when students come to learn procedure text, they should include understanding imperative sentences pattern.

Content or information of the text.That is the most important point in learning all kind of text. Student, in whatever way they are learning text types, they have to hold the meaning of the text. The content or information inside of the text should be caught.

The content or the information included in learning all kinds of text will cover topic of the text, main idea of the text, certain information, implied information, word reference, and word meaning including synonym, antonym, the meaning of the context.

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