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Contoh Short Functional Text: Creative Wedding Invitation

Invitation is one of short functional texts which should be studied by students of high school when they are learning English. The following text is an example of short invitation about wedding party.

Short functional text is text which is often found in our social interaction. It can be an invitation for happy wedding. It is written and sent with the purpose to make information and invite to the wedding party.

Due to the specialty of the occasion, a wedding invitation should be made and written in attractive look with creative way. And every body which is invited will be happy to come. The following creative wedding invitation can be considered as an example of a short functional text

Contoh invitation- wedding partyDear,…..
Happily we too
Arita Maladewi and Tomy Susando
have chosen the wedding day
of our new life together
as Thursday, November Eighteen
Two thousand and twelve
at Eight O’clock in the Morning
Anita’s house
Jl. Krincing No 22

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