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16 Contoh Explanation Text Terbaik bahasa Inggris

Generally the purpose of an explanation text is explaining how something forms or why the thing happens. So when we read an explanation text, the text will cover the answer of “how” or “why” relating to a thing or a phenomenon. An explanation text is organized with the generic structure of a general statement and a sequence of explanations.

contoh-contoh draft analytical exposition

If you need to know the basic definition of explanation texts, read what is an explanation text in my previous post. These 16 contoh-examples of explanation text are put into the categories of How-Explanation Text and the others take place as Why-Explanation Text. Let’s see the following 16 example of explanation text

Explanation texts answering HOW relating natural phenomena
Example of explanation text: Tsunami
Example of explanation tex: How Day and Night Happen 

Example of explanation text: Venus Eclipse
Example of explanation text: How Rain Happens 
Example of explanation text: Cancer

Explanation texts answering HOW a stuf works or a things is made
HOW FUEL WARNING LIGHT WORK; an example of explanation text
Example of Explanation Text – How a Plane Flies
Flying Kites as Example of Explanation
Explanation Text about How Cell Phones Work
Explanation Text Sample about Roman Road
How Chocolate is made; an Example of Explanation text

Explanation texts answering WHY something happens
Why Summer Daylight is Longer than Winter Daylight; an explanation text
Do You Know Why Eiffel Tower was Built?; Explanation Sample
Contoh / Example of Explanation Text about Bali Island

Itulah 16 contoh explanation text terbaik in English. Terbaik dalam artian yang ada di blog ini hehe. Hopefully those sampels of explanation text help you to gain a better understanding in learning English texts

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