How to Make Ice Cream – Best Example of Procedure Text

This is the best example of procedure text on how to make ice cream deliciously. The best thing to learn and the best food to eat hehe. Well a procedure or in other term is instruction text is written to show how to make thing completely. The clearest sample is about recipe. How to the food is cooked with instructional sentences.

Procedure text is showing the the steps and not just explain. If the text tend to explain the process a lot, t can be a example of explanation text. If you want to see the distinction, you can read the difference between procedure and explanation text in English

How to make something completely is the best example of procedure text. As we all know that a procedure text is instructing, showing the steps of making completely something. This kind of text in English is commonly organized in imperative sentences. Bellow is another example of procedure text.

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