Asking and Giving Direction in English: Vocabularies and Phrases

English Admin – How to ask and giving direction in English? When you are a stranger or you incidentally meet a stranger, it seem to happen a short conversation about direction. Understanding about the term and vocabularies in the topic of direction is very important. You know that it is possible to toss in certain direction. If you can ask what direction, you can possibly find your correct way home.
Expressing about direction in English means how you ask direction or how you give direction in English.  Learning English direction will make you see, hear, and speak a lot of words or phrases relating direction such as:

  • Block
  • Map
  • Destination
  • Building
  • Street
  • Opposite
  • Diagonally opposite
  • Corner
  • Before
  • After
  • Besides
  • Behind
  • In front of
  • North
  • West
  • South
  • East
  • Turn right
  • Turn left
  • Go straight
  • How many block…
  • Where is..
  • How to get….

For more expression of phrases and sentences used to ask and give direction in English, you can see picture below:

Some useful expression to ask direction in English

how to ask direction in English

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