Example of Narrative Text: The story of Rabbit and Bear

Again we are learning about fable. This is another example of narrative text. Today we have a story of rabbit and bear. Have you ever heard before? I think most of you ever, even, often hear that story from radion, visual media, or in the classroom.

The story of rabbit and bear can be categorized as narrative text as it has, at least, three important element of narrative generic structure. What are they? Well, all narrative text must consists of the following structure. They are:

1. Orientation: What is orientation? From many English resource, orientation is closely related to introduction. In this story then we have to see that there two characters. They are the rabbit and the bear. They are lived once upon time.

2. Complications: This should be understood that there are some conflict between the characters. From that story, wee see that the bear treated the rabbit badly. Even the bear did not give the rabbit enough food. The rabbit, of course, felt miserable. Those are the social and psychological conflicts.

3. Resolution: How the story is ended by the writer determines the ending style. we know that there two kinds; happy and sad ending. From the fable story, wee see finally the rabbit got what she should deserve.

How are those three elements implemented in the story plot? Let’s see the following fable story!

Example of Narrative Text in The story Rabbit and Bear

narrative text: story of rabbit and bear The story narrative of rabbit and bear

Once upon a time, there lived a bear and a rabbit. The rabbit was a good shot. On the contrary, the bear was always clumsy and could not use the arrow to shoot
One day, the bear called over the rabbit and asked the rabbit to take his bow and arrows. Because he was afraid to arouse the bear’s anger,  he did not refuse the challenge. He went with the bear and shot buffaloes. He shot and killed so many that there were lots of meats left after.

However the bear did not make the rabbit get any of the meat. Even he could not taste it. The poor rabbit went home hungrily after a day of hard work.

Fortunately, the youngest child of the bear was very kind to the rabbit. His mother bear always gave him an extra large piece of meat but he did not eat it all. He took some outside with him and pretended to play ball with the meat. He kicked the ball of meat toward the rabbit’s house. The meat flew into the rabbit’s house. In this way, the hungry rabbit got his meal.

Well, that what we are learning today about narrative text in fable. Fable is entertaining as well as giving a moral lesson. Do you have any idea what moral value we can take? Share your thought!

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