Typical Questions to Answer in Text Types Test

What are the commons question to answer after reading some text types in English? Though the question must be different from one test to another, but they have similarities. The questions are given according the graduation standard. To get high score, students need to understand some common typical question to answer after understanding the text.

Learning English in high school is designed through text types based. Student is presented several kind of text which is commonly used in their daily life. The texts then are followed by some questions. They are generalized into some categories.

1. Main idea or main topic. Such questions refer to the general thing of the content. Sometime they go to the title of the text. Common question which ask the main idea or topic can be some things like:
Which of the following is the most suitable title…?
What is the suitable topic of the passage?
The text mainly tells us about…….

main idea question to answer for text types
2. Specific information. What is meant by such specific information? This question ask the specific and detail information included in the text. This specific information can be a name, place, date, year, etc.
detail and specific question to answer for text types
3. Implied information. This typical question need the skill to read between the lines as it is not stated clearly in the text.
implied question to answer for text types
3. Meaning of the word. It can be synonym, antonym, and word reference.
word meaning question to answer for text types
4. Kind of the text. The are several kinds of text which students are asked to determine, whether it is narrative, spoof, descriptive, review, etc.
Which types of text question to answer for text types
5. The purpose of the text. Each text types has special communicative purpose or social function.
writer's purpose question to answer for text types

Those are the common questions found after reading text types. Most of the questions are given from year to year but they are not big different.

UPDATE – It is relating to questions given to answer after reading English texts. When you are learning English in high school, it mean that you have to study text types. There are three major kinds of text in English which students should learn. They are interpersonal and transnational conversations, short functional texts, and essays.

After reading the three kinds of text, student will be give a job to answer some questions. Mostly, the questions can be simplified into some categories. They are:

1. Topic of the text. What is topic? topic is a noun phrase which shows what is the text about. Topic is the subject of the text
2. Main idea. What is main idea? Main idea is the most important idea of a paragraph. A main idea is commonly written in the first sentence of a paragraph.
3. Detail information. It is frequently asked the detail information about an event that happens in the text.
4. Certain information. Some specific information inside the text is often asked following the text
5. Implied information. It is not stated clearly in the text but we can get the points through some clues given in the text
6. Reference. It can be anaphoric or cataphoric reference.
8. Word meaning. Understanding text need a lot of vocabularies. Building English vocabulary is the key. without it, it is difficult to answer the question about word meaning, synonym, antonym etc

Those are typical questions should be answered by students who learn English in high schools. Of course, the question sentences will very from one to another.

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