Online Shopping Software: Short Example of Review Text

English Admin – Understanding a review text for learning English in high schools. What is review text can be read in the previous post. The social function is making a fair judgement on certain thing or work. This kind of writing is giving preview on certain product. so reader has firs measure on all aspect of the product needed. Review text is organize through 4 elements. The structure is given below!

1. Introduction: introduction of what and who is behind the work
2. Interpretation: interpretation of the authors of the review paper that is currently taking about.
3. Evaluation: evaluation, subjective view of the author of a work. Although his name is subjective but the author review highly trusted.
4. Summary: a summary of the beginning and the most important thing that needs to be conveyed to the reader by the author of the text of the review. The fourth part is optional.

Now let’s see the following sample of review text in English!
Online Shopping Software

Internet makes great impacts on the way we do something, including running business. Formerly, business had to be physically conducted by face to face. Now days, it has changed. It may be conducted by computer to computer. This way is then what we call electronic commerce, or in short e-commerce.

Since internet has spread and appeared trustful, many businessmen rely on it. They have ability to run their business in easy way, flexible place and time. They can sell and buy good and service from others in any scale, small or big business.