The Difference Between Recount and Narrative Text is Clear

What is the differences between narrative text and recount text? We have given you the definition of recount text. In previous article we have also explain the definition of narrative text. Although both are written to to retell a story but the are different to each other. Now are discussing more on the distinction. Let’s star to see!

Have you ever got confused with what the difference between narrative text and recount is? I ever. and fortunately I got very valuable source which clearly states to differ narrative text from recount text . This types of text are purposely written to share a story. A story can be fictitious, imaginative, or real. In short, the field is about one’s past experience. How does the story run is what make them different.

difference between narrative and recount text

The existence of complication among the participant makes narrative text from recount text.

Actually I have posted about the difference between narrative and recount text and this short articles is to enlarge our view about it. As I said above that there is great source, 2 text samples, which hopefully clearly state the difference between narrative text and recount. The following text sample is from wiki answer. Now let’s see the first text!

A bank robber held me hostage. The police surrounded the criminal. I prayed to get away. There seemed to be no escape as the bank robber carried me off to his car. But, I was saved in the end when a cop shot the tires stopping the bank robber from getting away.
Now let’s compare to another short story. Both are very very short story however both are clearly different from each other

I went to the store. I got some milk. I checked out and went home. In the way home, I met old friend. We talked about some memorable experiences. Then we got to say good bye
Well, can you guess which one is narrative and which story is recount text? Of course the first passage is labeled as narrative text. Do you know why? The answer is the first story is stating the conflict meanwhile the second doesn’t. The exploration of conflict inside the story which has to be faced by the participants is the most important element of narrative text. Without existence of the conflict, the story is just a story and not a narrative. This story is what we call as another types of text, recount, or personal narrative.

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What is the difference between recount and narrative text? It is clearly explained in the above. Read them and you will see how easy learning English text in high schools. Keep spirit!

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