How to Write and Build Effective Narrative Text with Complications

Do you still remember what is is the main important element of narrative structure? Yes, conflict. In simple word, narrative text has generic structure as orientation, complication and resolution.

This complication is the heart structure of narrative text. The complication will determine whether the text “lives” or not. If the narrative text consider as the “live” text, it will arouse the reader. It will intrude to the emotion of the reader.

Commonly narrative text appears as story text. In literary term, the complication structure is called conflict. Basically, conflict is divided into three kinds. In any writing, each type will not take place with its own type. Each often combines to other type in building the story.

Physical conflict, or in other word as elemental conflict, is description of man’s struggle to his physical word. It represents man versus nature force, difficulty and danger. How man survives from flood, exploding mount is clear example of physical conflict.