Example of Narrative Text Fable: Story of Mouse and Frog

Learning fable story is interesting. There are many valuable lesson which we can get from reading an example of narrative text fable. Do you know what fable is? Yes, it is a story of animals which are characterized in human behavior.

Are you still interested at learning English through text-based approach? If yes, the following example of NARRATIVE TEXT is worthy to read. A lot of narrative texts are in the form of story about animal. Now we have a fable, a story of animal which can be categorized as example of narrative text

Narrative Text: The story of a Mouse and a Frog
Once, there was a mouse which made of close friendship with a frog.
One day, the frog said to the mouse; “Let’s bind ourselves together with a string so that we may never get separated”. The mouse agreed. Both tied themselves together leg to leg. It went quite well on land. When they came to a small pool, it was a tragic for the mouse.
In the end, the frog kept swimming across the small pool dragging the mouse with him. Soon, the mouse drowned and floated on the surface of the pool.

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