Expressing Possibility and Impossibility

English Admin – how to speak English fluently. One expression used frequently in daily communication is discussing possibility and impossibility. It is happen when you face some pros and cons issues. In this way, you can also learn example of discussion text.

To practice speaking possibility and impossibility, Here are some common words and phrases used to express possibility and impossibility:
There is a good chance…
There is a little chance…
There is good chance …
There is impossibility …

Example of sentences in expressing possibility and impossibility:

how to say possibility in English

Some useful word to say possibility and impossibility

1. There is little chance of finding a good job in foreign countries.
2. There is more chance of solving such serious problems, if we have a competent staff.
3. There is a chance that the bank will lend me a sum of money.
4. There is possibility that students will win the English speech contest.
5. There is a good chance to make marketing with e-mail
6. It is impossible to gain success without working hard

You, of course, can combine the phrases and sentence above. The key is practicing more. Speaking English is a matter of habit. The more you use you English, you will speak fluently!

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