Example of News Item Text: Sidewalk Skiing Taking Off In Saudi

This is another example of news item text. This news is written to describe how a text which students of high schools learn is arranged. This news is about car sport which most people seems extreme, weird, and odd. Now let’s read it!

Saudi Men Have Cars Driven on Two Wheels
In Saudi Arabia, there is a new racing car which is called sidewalk skiing. It is really crazy race. The car is driven on two wheels.
When the car is being flipped onto two wheels by the driver,  the passengers cling on outside. This Arabian craze of ‘sidewalk skiing’ is bringing new extreme meaning to the term ‘off-road.  That extreme motor sport is flocking to the desert in the northern city of Hail. Because there are open roads in Saudi Arabia’s desert, they  provide an ideal location for the extreme car racing.
A group of young Saudi men who like this extreme car sport call themselves the Impossible Group.

If it is labeled as news item, what is the generic structure?
Well, this short text is arranged to fulfill the 3 element of news item’s structure. They are:
1. Newsworthy event: Extreme car sport on two wheels
2. Background event: The car is driven and flipped on 2 wheels. The extreme car sport brings new meaning to the off road sport. The sport happens in the city of Hail.
3. Source: The stuntmen of the car sport call themselves as the impossible group

That’s all for this post. Hopefully you keep enjoy learning news item text. Besides you are learning English text, you also know the odd and strange news from around the world.

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