8 Contoh Recount Text Bahasa Inggris Pendek Terbaik

English admin – Belajar jenis teks bahasa Inggris. Kali ini ini berbicara tentang recount text. Agar mempunyai referensi yang cukup, ada baiknya kita membuka-buka catatan sebelumnya tentang recount text

Apa dan bagaimana contoh teks recount dalam bahasa Inggris itu? Sebelum kita melihat contoh recount text berikut, alangkah baiknya kita mengingat kembali “what is recount text” apakah teks recount itu.

Dari berbagai sumber, online atau bukut textbook bahasa Inggris SMP dan SMA, penjelasan jenis teks hususnya recount akan meliputi 2 hal yaitu social function atau purpose dan generic structure. Berikut adalah definisi tentang sebuah recount text

Social function dan Generic Structure.
to retell events for the purpose of informing or entertaining. Sementara dalam banyak buku, generic structure teks recount adalah:

Structure Contents
Title  I Had a Fantastic Holiday
Orientation  Providing setting and introduces participants
Series of Events
 Retelling what happened, in what sequence
Reorientation  Giving or not the optional-closure of events

Nah setelah kita mengetahui definisi dan pengertian sebuah teks recount dalam bahasa Inggris

pengertian komplit recount text
Pengertian teks recount harus meliputi jenis, generic structure dan contohnya

Sekatrang kita lihat 8 contoh dari untuk melengkapi teks recount sebelumnya. Inilah inti dari post ini yaitu contoh Recount Text terbaik di blog ini.
1. Watching Movie

My sister and I went to see a film last night. It was an American movie called The Lost Flight. It showed how people can quickly change when they have to look after themselves in the jungle. It was an interesting film about a plane which crashed on a small empty island in the Pacific Ocean.
Although the passengers were safe, nobody knew where the plane had crashed. So the passengers had to learn how to hunt for food in the jungle and how to catch fish from the sea to eat. After a few weeks, the passengers were eating raw fish and meat.
After they had been on the island for two months, three of the men made a boat and sailed away to find help. But their boat sank and they were drowned.
The film ended without saying whether the passengers were rescued or not. But my sister and I enjoyed the film.