Short Conversation 2: Asking and Giving Direction in English

English Admin – Learning speaking English fluently. Have you ever lost? Or have you met someone who lost and did not know his way? This is the topic of asking and giving direction in English. Common phrases which are useful relating to direction in English.

The topic covers two area of speaking English. First is how to ask direction. It is used when you did not know which way you have to choose. When you are asking direction, you can say some expression below:
Can you show me the way to (the post office)?
Where is (the theatre)?
Is it the correct way to (the grocery)?
How can I go to (Apple Street)?

how to ask direction in English

On the other way, when there is someone asking you a a correct direction,  you are to give him a correct direction in English. Simply you can say:
Go straight on
Turn right
turn left

how to give direction in English
For other expressions, phrases and sentence which are commonly used to ask ad give direction in English, you can see

Now let’s see the short conversation of asking and giving direction in English. The dialog below is very short and simple.You can read and practice easily.
Man : Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around here?
Woman : Yeah, there is one near here.
Man : Can you tell me how to get there?
Woman : Sure! Go straight down this street for two blocks. Turn left when you get to Maple street. Stay on Maple street for half a block. It’s on the left-hand side.

That’s all about short conversation of asking and giving direction in English. Hopefully it helps you to get better English. Happy learning speaking English Online.