How to Introduce Self in English

English Admin – How to speak English fluently. Introduction is a very basic lesson to learn speaking English. The lesson of Introduction will cover two things. First is how to introduces self and the second is how to introduce others.

Today we will learn a short conversation about introducing self in English. Words and phrases which are commonly used in this kind of conversation are:
1. I’m John.
I’m Jackie. (Use first name in informal situations)
2. I’m John Kennedy.
I’m Jackie O’Neill. (Use full name in business and formal situations)
3. It’s nice to meet you.
It’s nice meeting you.
It’s good to meet you.
4. Nice to meet you too.
This phrases are taken from:

Perkenalan dalam bahasa Inggris

Frase dan kalimat yang umu digunakan dalam perkenalan bahasa Inggris

For more samples and detail explanation on English introduction, you can find it in the following post

That’s all about introduction in English. Practice is the best way to achieve speaking English fluently. Practice makes perfect. So let’s do speaking English in whatever we can do.

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