Story Pinocchio and Rapunzel: Example Classical Famous Narrative Text

English Admin –  The story of Pinocchion and Rapunzel are great example of narrative text. This classic stories are written and well orgaized through three element of narrative. They are orientation, complication, and resolution.

Do you know the term “Narrative” and “story”? Or are you confused by the two words? Well, practically both terms have similar meaning. However if we discuss more, the term “story” is referring to the events inside the narrative. It means that a story can be without a narrative sense. The fundamental element of narrative text is the existence of complications inside the story.  A story with the absence of a narrative sense is what we call recount text or in the job employment term, usually we call it personal narrative.

This post is about some examples of narrative story. Because they are labelled as narrative texts then the story should expose some complications faced by the characters or participants along the story going on. Now let’s see some famous narrative stories around us.

Narrative Story 1 – Pinocchio
The story of Pinochio is a great example narrative text. Remember every narrative story should have one or more complications along the plot. Let’s see the Pinocchio story. This story is interesting enough to make us keep  reading it as it has been addapted to modern touch.

Once upon a time there was a woodcarver,called Geppetto who lived with out a child.So he decided to make a puppet and named him ‘Pinocchio’. As he began to carve the wood ,in surprise him,Pinocchio laughed at him.When Geppetto was getting finished,the puppet kicked the old man and ran-out of the door.