Example of Explanation Text: How Tsunami Happens

A text describing how a tsunami happens is categorized as an example of explanation text. Each explanation text in English shows how a thing happen or exposes why the thing happens. Do you remember procedure text? Yes, actually procedure text are very similar to explanation text. Both are written to explaining how thing are formed. However, there a little difference between them. Procedure text is written in the imperative mode while explanation text is composed in affirmative sentences.
What is explanation text? How is explanation text writen? If you are writing an example of explanation text, you must organize your paragraph into the divisions to confirming the general statement and followed by sequenced explanation. The two structural elements are what form an explanation text in English genres. How they are applied in a short text? Below is the sample!
explanation text how a tsunami happens
A tsunami visualization.. How it is happens is written in the form of example of explanation text
The term of “tsunami” comes from the Japanese which means harbour (“tsu”) and wave (“nami”). A tsunami is a series of waves generated when water in a lake or a sea is rapidly displaced on a massive scale.

A tsunami can be generated when the sea floor abruptly deforms and vertically displaces the overlying water. Such large vertical movements of the earth’s crust can occur at plate boundaries.

Subduction of earthquakes are particularly effective in generating tsunami, and occur where denser oceanic plates slip under continental plates.