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Past Simple Tense – Pengertian, Rumus & Contoh

Setelah kita belajar present perfect continuous tense sebagai salah satu tenses bahasa inggris dalam group PRESENT TENSE, sekarang kita akan belajar pengertian, rumus dan contoh Past Simple Tense sebagai awalan dari TENSE berjenis PAST

Pengertian Past Simple Tense Bahasa Inggris
Past simple present is defined as one of the tenses indicating definite time terminating in the past, whether the time word is given or not in the sentence. Past simple tense talks about many kinds of past events, such as short or quickly finished actions and happenings, longer situations, and repeated actions or events. In this tense, the time of the action or the event is over and also the action is completely donein the past time. The emphasis of this past simple tense tends to be the time expressions of the action or the event rather than the completion of the actions or the events.

Rumus Past Simple Tense Bahasa Inggris
The past simple tense is composed of subject of the sentence and then the followed by the past infinitive whether it is regular verb by adding the –ed ending to the infinitive form or the irregular verb, and the followed by the object of the sentence if there is any. The formula is illustrated as follows:

The Formula: Subject + Past Infinitive (verb-ed, irregular verb) + Object
For example: I came here by car yesterday

Some typical time expressions usually mentioned along with past simple tense are : yesterday, ago, this morning/evening, last night/week/month/year, a week ago, that day/afternoon, the other day/week, at seven o’clock, on Tuesday, in 1990, just, recently, once, earlier, then, next, after that and so on.

Contoh dan Penggunaan Past Simple Tense Bahasa Inggris
• To Convey the meaning of one event or action completed in the past, for example:
I saw him last night
They left two hours ago
• To express repeated action or event completed in the past and no longer happening. For example:
Last year it rained frequently in this area.
• Referring the duration of an event completed in the past, for example:
He lived in New York for thirty years and then he decided to return to France.
• Past simple tense is common used in storytelling and when we are telling people about past events, for example:
One day the princess decided that she did not like staying at home all day. So, she told her father that she wanted to get a job.
• Required in the statement about persons who are now dead unless the statement has some relevance to the present, for example:
Shakespeare lived in England
• Past simple tense can refer to a number of actions in the past, for example:
I saw my career advisor several times
• Past simple tense can be used for indicating states, for example:
The Roman had a huge Empire.
I believed everything my teacher told to me.

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