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Present Continuous Tense – Pengertian, Rumus dan Contoh

Disamping simple present tense, jenis tenses yang sangat sering dicari untuk penulisan maupun percakapan bahasa inggris adalah pengertian rumus dan contoh present continuous tense. Menurut para jagoan grammar and structure, tense yang digunakan untuk mengunkapkan kejadian yang SEDANG BERLANGSUNG ini juga sering disebut present progressive tense. Sebagai awalan mari kita lihat gambar ilustrasi berikut

Dari gambar diatas, kita melihat 1 orang perempuan sedang memegang microphone, dan  memungkinkan ada sebuah percakapan singkat dalam bahasa Inggris sebagai berikut:

Anton: What is the woman doing?
Tomy: She is singing a song
Anton: Is she singing a pop song?
Tomy: No, she is not singing a pop song. She is singing an English alphabetical song. She is teaching English
Anton: Oh, I see.

Kata yang dicetak tebal dari percakapan Anton dan Tomy diatas adalah kalimat present continuous tense. Kalimat-kalimat dalam dialog diatas menjelaskan seroang wanita yang kelihatanya SEDANG MENYANYI ketika percakapan 2 orang tersebut terjadi

Pengertian Present Continuous Tense
Present continuous tense is also known as present progressive tense. The present progressive tense expresses an activity that is in progress at the moment.It began in the recent past, is continuing at the present, and will probably end at some point in the future. In general, the progressive form of a tense is used for a single temporary event that has a beginning and an end. This present continuous tense suggests that an event began and is continuing, but it does not necessarily include the end of the action. The emphasis is on the progressive of the event or the verb.For that reason, the action does not need to be going on at the moment of speaking, as long as it has started but not finished

Rumus Present Continuous Tense
The present continuous tense has its own particular form.To compose a present continuous tense is by following a subject with present form of the auxiliary verb be and present participle or infinitive verb plus ending –ing then after that you can put the object of the sentence.

Subject + Tobe (is, am, are) + Verb-ing + Object

Subject + Tobe (is, am, are) + Not + Verb-ing+ Object

          Tobe (is, am, are)+ Subject + Verb-ing+ Object?

John and Mary are talking on the phone right now

John and Marry are not talking on the phone right now

          Are John and Marry talking on the phone right now?

To identify a tense sometimes it can be done by looking at the time expression of the sentence. To compose this present continuous tense sometimes also need the help of time expressions. Some typical time expressions usually come along with the present continuous are now, right now, at the moment, at present, just, already, still and so on.

Contoh dan Penggunaan Present Continuous Tense
The present continuous tense has several uses and expressions. They are as follows:
• For expressing an action that is happening now, for example:

  1. It is raining.
  2. I am not wearing a coat as it is not cold

• For expressing an action that is happening about this time but not necessarily at the moment of speaking, for example:

  1. I am reading a play by Shaw at the moment.
  2. Loyd is working on his Ph.D. this year.

• For a definite arrangement in the near future, for example:

  1. He is meeting his doctor this afternoon.
  2. The gardener is cutting the grass tomorrow.

• To talk about developing and changing situations, even if these are very long lasting, for example:

  1. The climate is getting warmer as the consequence of the global warming.
  2. The government is worried because the number of people without jobs is increasing

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