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Present Perfect Continuous Tense – Pengertian, Rumus & Contoh

Melanjutakan pembahasa seri tenses dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris, kali ini kita belajar pengertian, rumus dan contoh penggunaan Present Perfect Continuous Tense. Artikel kali ini adalah lanjutan belajar Present Perfect Tense sebelumnya. Pengetahuan tenses seharusnya tetap dipelajari meskipun dalam belajar bahasa inggris berbasi text, tata bahasa, struktur dan tenses tidak menjadi focus utama. Baiklah langsung saja kita lihat pembahasa dibawah ini!

Pengertian Present Perfect Continuous Tense
Present perfect continuous tense is a kind of tense that usually suggests an action, state, or situation that began in the past time and is going on up to the present time with the ending in some probable point of time in the future. This present perfect continuous tense emphasizes the duration of the event or activity that has beginning and end. This kind of tense focuses on the progress of the action or the event rather than the beginning or the ending of that event or action. 

Rumus Present Perfect Continuous Tense Bahasa Inggris
Present perfect continuous tense is arranged of subject of the sentence, and then added with present form of auxiliary have (have, has), then followed by the past participle form of be (been), and then sequenced by present participle or the –ing form of infinitive verb, and the last is the object of the sentence if there is any. Present perfect continuous tense’s formula is illustrated below:

The Formula:
Subject + present Aux have (have, has) + Been + Present Participle/-ing form verb + Object
For example: 

The war has been going on for two years now

To compose present perfect continuous tense, sometimes time expression is needed. The typical time expression that is usually come along with the present perfect continuous tense are :since, for, during, over, so far, up to know, until now, up to the present, just, already, lately, recently, ever, never, and so on. These time expressions is frequently required to be mentioned in this tense for this present perfect continuous tense emphasizes the time duration of an event or action.

Contoh & Penggunaan Present Perfect Continuous Tense
• for conveying the meaning of an action over the period of time leading up to the present, for example:
Opposition to the regime has been growing recently
• for a series of repeated actions in the period leading up to the present but not to say how often they have happened, for example:
I have been playing a lot of tennis recently.
I have been going to evening classes in Arabic
• This tense is used to indicate the duration of an activity that began in the past and continues to the present, for example:
I have been waiting for about an hour now and he still has not turned up
• When the tense is used without any specific mention of time, it express a general activity in progress recently, for example:
I have been thinking about changing my major.
• Present perfect continuous tense also can refer to an action that may have ended recently, for example:
I am hot because I have been running.

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