Example of Discussion Text with Generic Structure: Distance Learning

English Admin – Today we are learning an important example of discussion text. The topic is the pro and con of distance learning. The development of education system has given that flexible way of learning  establish position in the modern educational institutions.

A discussion text always brings two different opinions on the certain discursive matter. This different point of view make readers have further   consideration before having acting on the matter. Let’s see the following sample of discussion text about distance learning.

The advantages and Disadvantages of Distance Learning

example of discussion text distance learning

Online learning is one kind of distance learning, the essay about the pros and cons is example of discussion text

A few years ago, distance learning was seen as an inferior way but nowadays even famous and established traditional colleges and universities are providing distance learning courses and it is generally considered a way to improve one’s life.

However, people still argue whether distance learning give more advantage or disadvantage. Some of them who see the benefit of distance learning will say that distance learning needs no commuting. Of course it saves money and time that students would take. Furthermore, distance learning can be done at any student’s convenience. Mostly of the classes of distance learning are asynchronous. It means that students do not have to attend a lecture at a fixed particular time and place. Students can review the assignments and do their homework during off-hours or from home. Additionally, distance learning gives more accessibility. No one can deny it. People with limited mobility may encounter the problem when they take traditional class. With the online class system, the problem is absent.

Despite the many advantages, the other people will see that distance learning is costly and needs complex technology. To attend online learning, student must have a computer with possibly access to the internet. Admitted or not, such technology devices are not always available for common students. Another disadvantage of distance learning is that it does not provide immediate feedback. Unlikely traditional classroom, students have to wait for the feedback and comment until the instructor has review the works and sent response to them. Most of the time students will study alone. Distance learners may feel isolated or miss that social physical interaction that comes with attending a traditional classroom

Regarding the individual’s learning style, some students are able to learn when there is a live interaction between them and the available of accompanying teacher while others don’t really need it. So before deciding a choice of attending distance learning or not, each student needs to do a fair analysis regarding the kind of person he/she is.

Generic Structure of Discussion Text about Distance Learning
As stated above, discussion text present readers balanced discourses. It show what are the positive side as well as the negative one. Discussion text like pros and cons can be filled with generic structure as follow:
1. Stating Issue: what is the text about? What does the writer want to talk? What is the main idea of the text. All need a problematic controversy discourse.
Advantages and disadvantages of distance learning.
2. Supporting Arguments: List of supporting argument, the side with gives positive sense to the issue.
distance learning needs no commuting.
3. Against Arguments: Some arguments which show the contradictory side. It gives negative sense to the issue stated.
distance learning is costly and needs complex technology.
4. Recommendation: What should do and should not do after careful think to the issue.
each student needs to do a fair analysis regarding the kind of person he/she is.
That is an example of discussion text about distance learning. Hopefully it gives more perspective points to the lesson of English genres. Happy learning English Online.

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