2 Contoh Narrative Text Myth Beserta Generic Structure dan Arti

Analisa Generic Structure Narrative Text Myth Dewi Sri
Bagaimana? Sudah pahamkan isi dari cerita Dewi Sri diatas? Selanjutnya, Hal penting yang perlu kita bicarakan adalah Generic structure ceritanya. Ini untuk memastikan apa benar cerita Dewi Sri diatas bisa dianggap sebagai salah satu contoh narrative text atau bukan. Berikut adalah pola generic strcturenya:

1. Orientation: There were participants in that story. They Naga god, Batara Guru, Batara Narada and an eagle. They were on once time.
2. Complication: Naga god faced a problem relating to Batara Guru commandement. Then he was in conflict with an eagle on the way to palace.
3. Resolution: Naga god ended the story successfully by offering Batara Guru an egg which turned into a beautiful girl.

Masih seputar cerita nariative mitos, berikut adalah cerita rakyat lokal yang bisa dimasukkan sebagai teks naratif bahasa Inggris

2. Myth Story of Aji Saka and Dewata Cengkar
Many, many years ago, the kingdom of Medangkamulan was ruled by a king named Dewata-chengkar. This king had a strange and frightening habit. He liked to eat human  beings.
One day, a young traveler arrived in the kingdom.He was called Ajisaka. Ajisaka took shelter in the house of a widow who quickly came to look upon the young man as her own son. When he heard of the king’s strange appetite, Ajisaka sympathized with the villagers’ plight and immediately volunteered to become the king’s next meal.
Ajisaka went directly to the king’s palace.“I am willing to be your next meal. Your Highnees. However, I have a request.“ said Aji Saka to the king. “Whatever you please, young man, I will grant your request,“ the king replied. “Before you eat me, grant me some land. Just enough length of my own headcloth.“ continued Aji Saka. “Come, Young Man. Let’s measure your headcloth so that I can have my meal and you can have your land“ agreed the king.
Ajisaka began to unwrap the cloth tied around his head. The king got down from his throne and hold one end of the headcloth. He stepped backward. What he didn’t know was that this headcloth was much longer. The king kept going backward, step by step, as the cloth kept unraveling. He stepped backward through the palace square, backward across the village, holding the end of Ajisaka’s headcloth. The king kept stepping backward until reached the sea cliftts of the sea.
A great crowd of people had gathered. They held their breath as their king took his final step backward over the cliff’s edge and plunged into the waves crashing againts the rocks at the foot of the sea wall.