Tourism Should Give Benefit to Local People: Example of Hortatory Text

Learning English text today is about a persuasive essay. The topic is the benefits of tourism for local people. This is a very clear example of hortatory text for learning English in high schools.

Tourism Should Give Benefit to Local People
What is the benefit of tourism for local people? Well, Tourism is now a huge contributor to the economies of most countries. Tourism industries can bring money, job vacancy and advancement especially to developing regions. However, this money often goes into the pockets of foreign investors, and only rarely benefits for local people.

Tourism industries will not give much benefit for local people if, for example, multinational hotel chains don’t care about the surrounding nature when they build new hotels. This can cause many social, cultural and geographical problems. Some local people may get job and money from that International hotel chain. However in case of missing that opportunity, some of them still have their own environment.

Moreover, some facts show that tourists tend to go, visit and spend their money in restaurants, bars and even luxury hotels of that multinational chains. They less go to such places; restaurant, bar, hotel, shop which are owned by local people. This can prevent the local people’s business from becoming even larger.

Most important thing, tours or excursions of tourism have little effect on nature. Even it can disrupt or destroy ecosystems and environments, and if it does, the local people will get the risk.

So the local government policies should be put in place to ensure that tourism will make the benefit spreading widely. The policies should guarantee that tourism will not cause any harm to any local people or places.

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