The Differences between Spoof Text and Anecdote Text

Kursus Inggris – Learning English story text types today defines the differences between spoof text and anecdote text. Commonly we define spoof and anecdote are similar, even both are same. Spoof and anecdote tend to be defined as text which relate to funny story and unusual incidents.

Well it can be true as both bring the function mostly to entertain and share to readers. However we have to think, is spoof text like anecdote? If not, then what is the difference between spoof text and anecdote?

Actually what is spoof text? and what is anecdote text? Well, let’s go on. I have some comment which are identical. The point of the comments are asking what is the difference between spoof and anecdote text, or how to differ spoof from anecdote. From that view, this post tries to go on.

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