Water Cycle: Example of Explanation Text with Generic Structure

This is the how example of explanation text. As we studied previously that an explanation text in English is written to show how a thing is formed or why thing happens. The thing can be a cycle of water.

This example of explanation text continues the topics of natural phenomena. All explanation texts are composed through certain schematic structure as they are written to reach the specific goal. The generic structure of the sample below is seen as:
1. General statement; stating the phenomenon issues which are to be explained.
Do you know how water cycle works?
2. Sequenced explanation; stating a series of steps which explain the phenomena.
water vapour rises into the atmosphere
Clouds are formed when air becomes saturated with water vapour.
Precipitation as rain or hail ensures the heated water retuns to Earth.
Rain fall also replenishes river.

Now let’s see how the generic structure like stated above is used to compose the whole text, and that will be an explanation text sample.

How Water Works as Example of Explanation Text

example of explanation text how water cycles

How water cycle work is explained with detail picture, common.wikimedia.org

Water is very important for human, animal, and plant. Water moves from one place to another. Do you know how water cycle works?
Solar energy evaporates exposed water from seas, lakes, rivers and wet soil, the majority of this evaporation takes place over the seas. Water is also released into the atmosphere by the plants through photosynthesis. During this process, known as evapotranspiration, water vapour rises into the atmosphere.
Clouds are formed when air becomes saturated with water vapour. The two major types of cloud formation are stratified or layered grey clouds called surutus and following white or dark grey cloud called cumulus clouds.
Precipitation as rain or hail ensures the heated water reruns to earth’s surface in a fresh form. Some of this rain, however, falls into the seas and is not accessible to humans. When rain falls, it either washes down hill slopes or seeps underground, when snow and hail melt, this water may also shrink into the ground.
Rain fall also replenishes river water supplies so does underground water. Snow fall may consolidate into glaciers and ice sheet which, when they melt, release their water into the ground, into streams or into the seas.

That is how water cycles from one place to another, from one form to other forms. This kind of text explain how a thing processes into the fixed form. That is the generic structure of explanation text in English genres.