11 Contoh Report Text bahasa Inggris

Contoh Report Text 1:Secretarycontoh report text 1 tentang secretaryA secretary is someone who keeps records, handles correspondence, or does the administration for an organization or person.
The assistant or private secretary of an executive always deals with the business letter writing of that person. The secretary is, therefore, concerned with any business that the firm undertakes.
The secretary must be qualified and able to speak English, fluently. There are certain types of duties that a secretary is responsible of such as making appointments, receiving orders, making reservations for the manager, sending letters of congratulations or condolence, sending invitations etc. She also makes an agenda for the manager.
An office usually has more than one secretary who are always busy doing their duties.

Contoh Report Text 2: AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTScontoh report text 2 tentang agricultre product farmingIndonesia is an agricultural country. About 70% of its population work as farmers.
Farmers grow rice, corns, cauliflowers, chilies, onions, sugar canes, carrots, potatoes, green beans, peanuts, cassava, and many others. They cultivate land and grow plants which can bring in money and they choose the right plants for the land. Thai’s why when we go to a certain place we will find only one kind of plant while sometimes in other places we find various kinds of plants.
From the various plants in Indonesia, rice is the most important one, as most Indonesian people eat rice. We can sec a large number of rice fields in Java and in other islands outside Java. According Jo the 1993 agricultural census, the area of rice fields in Indonesia is 5.24 hectares. The rice-fields can produce hundred millions of tons of rice. Thus, rice has been the main food for us.
Farmers in fertile areas can grow rice well. In these areas they can even harvest the crops three times a year. They can enjoy it because their areas have a good irrigation, good soil and they know the technique of planting rice.
In less fertile areas, farmers can grow rice and harvest it twice a year. Those living in the area where there is no irrigation can only plant rice when the rainy season comes. They can plant other crops while waiting for the rain.