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Contoh Report Text 4: Healthy Bodycontoh report text 4 tentang healthy body humanThe term “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is known well. That is the motto of every athlete in the world. People can be happy only if -they are healthy.
There are several important things we must do in order to stay healthy. First, we must get enough regular physical exercise. Second, we must live in a clean house. Third, we must have enough time to rest. Rest is an important physical exercise. And fourth, we must eat  adequate quantities of nutritious food.
Good food is very important for keeping our body, healthy. Food which contains a lot of nutriments is always good for our body. Nutriments are used by our body for energy, growth, and for building new body tissues. Nutriments are of five important groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins.
Our body needs proteins for its growth. Therefore, proteins are the most important nutriments for young people. Proteins also rebuild worn-out body tissues. We can acquire proteins from meat, chicken, peas, beans, coconuts, eggs and milk.
Carbohydrates are as important 35, proteins, because they are the main source of energy. 4fle body needs energy to do its work. Carbohydrates are found in flour, bread, cakes, rice, potatoes, cassava, corn, sugar and sweets.
Fats are another important source of energy. We can find fats in butter, margarine, milk, coconut-milk, eggs, fish, meat and .ice-cream. However, too much fat can make our body fat and this is dangerous for our heart. It can cause heart attacks.
Mineral salts such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron are also absolutely necessary for our body. For instance, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are necessary for the growth of our bones and teeth. Iron is important for our blood.
Vitamins are important for our health. The body cannot make its own vitamins, so it depends on our food for these. We must eat food which contains a. lot of vitamins, such as vegetables and fruit. They help the body to absorb other nutrients in food. Vitamins control our digestion.