11 Contoh Report Text bahasa Inggris

Contoh Report Text 6: WaterContoh Report Text 6 tentang dringking waterPeople need water. We cannot live without water. A person should drink at least eight glasses of water a day. If a person does not drink enough water, he can suffer from kidney trouble. A big man should drink more than eight glasses a day.
In Indonesia many children die of dehydration. This means they die because of lack of water in their bodies. So we must make sure that our children drink enough .water, especially when they are suffering from diarrhea.
At present, many governments of the world are worried about the water supplies in their countries. Fresh water is becoming more and” more difficult to get. In many cities where there are many people, the level of water in the underground wells is getting lower and fewer.
The loss of water from wells under the ground. These are very important for water preservation. Dams preserve or store the water that many of our towns and cities need! Dams have many functions. They hold back rain water that may result in floods if not checked. They also provide water to irrigate the farms with.
People can use the waterfalls of a dam to produce electricity. Electricity gives light and energy to our Houses and, factories. Dams can also produce lakes, and lakes cart be used for raising fish and for practicing various kinds of water sports.
Another source of water ,is .rivers. In Indonesia we have many rivers. Rivers are a good source of water. However, if, people throw waste into rivers, then the water becomes very dirty. Waste pollutes water. One of the most dangerous types of waste .is chemical waste from factories. This can be deadly and can kill fish, water plants and other creatures which live in rivers.