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Contoh Report Text 8: THE HOSPITALContoh Report Text 8 about hospital, coock county hospital If you look at the front of a large, modern hospital, you may notice that there are two separate entrances. One of these is for patients in need of immediate treatment – it is the emergency entrance. Here ambulance arc to be seen pulling up at any hour of the day or night. The other entrance is the main entrance of the hospital.
On the ground floor; inside the main entrance there arc probably a reception area and waiting room, and also an office. On the floors above and below are the numerous other departments. On a lower floor may be the laundry and the kitchen. On another floor will be a maternity section for mothers and their babies. Their hospital, so that babies do not catch other people’s illnesses,
The rooms for other patients are usually on the higher floors. There are small room for just one patient slightly larger room for two, three or four patients, and larger rooms called wards, in which as many as 40 or 50 patient may lie in-rows of beds. On. other floors are the operating rooms, called operating theatres, and special departments such as the radiography department, where x-rays are taken and developed.
In the laboratories, special tests are carried out on body tissues and fluids to find out the nature of a patient’s disease. The pharmacy supplies the drug to treat patients. Near to the-operating theatres is the blood bank to store blood for transfusions. Here too is the sterilizing department, where all the operating theatres and in the wards are cleaned and made free from germs.
A very large staff is needed to run a hospital efficiently It consist of people who work together in teams. The hospital administrators organize the day-to-day working of the hospital. The medical staff, including the doctors and nurses, work directly with the patients. So too do such people as the physiotherapists, anesthetists and radiographers. Grouped together, these people are sometimes known as paramedical workers’,