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Contoh Report Text 9: SPACECRAFTContoh Report Text 9 about spacraftPeople had thought of building spacecraft several hundred years ago. They had thought of going to the moon and many other planets. Papers on spacecraft can be found among the papers of famous scientist who lived centuries ago. However, the craft could not be built until after World War II.
It is not easy to build a spacecraft. A spacecraft needs a good rocket that is strong enough to send it to outer space. Such a motor was not developed until 1944.
A spacecraft also needs as many as rend million very sophisticated parts. These parts are needed so that the craft can function well when it is flying far away from earth. These parts must have very high precision elements. Each of them must have the right shape and the right size. Such parts could not be mode until after 1940.
Today, spacecraft are being made all the time. They have to be enough to carry astronauts into outer space. What does a spacecraft look like? A spacecraft usually consist of three rockets that are joined together. The three rockets are called stages. The first stage takes the spacecraft to a certain speed and then falls away. The second stage takes it to speed twice as great as the first, and then it also falls away. The third stage takes the spacecraft to its top speed of more than 38,600 kilometers per hour.
Where is the place for the astronauts? It is at the top of the spacecraft. In the nose of the third stage a capsule. In this capsule are the astronauts and the instrument package. This capsule is actually the smallest part of the ship. But all sorts of very sophisticated instruments are found into his capsule. This little capsule is the most important part of the ship.