Example of Discussion Text about Globalization

The phenomenon of globalization which has some pros and cons is the best example of discussion text. The writer tries to reveal two opponent side. They are the advantages and also the disadvantages.

Most discussion texts which we find public and academic publication are arrange and composed with certain generic structure. They are:
1. Statement of issue: It states the issue which is discussed. In this sample below the issue is as quoted below.
Some of these good and bad points of this worldwide phenomenon are obvious from some points.
2. List of supporting points: It presents the point supporting the issue. From the sample below the pro argument is seen as:
There is a worldwide market for the companies and for the customers.
3. List of contrastive point: It gives other points which disagree to the issue. We can see the con argument as quoted below.
Globalization may lead to loss of cultural identity
4. Recommendation: It state the writer’ recommendation about the issue. The recommendation is optional. Some time we find it but it is very often the recommendation is omitted from the structure.

Now, to see the generic structure of discussion like stated above, please read the following short pros and cons essay about the advantages and disadvantage of globalization!

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