Generic Structure and Example of Personal Letter

English Admin – Learning informal letter for friend. Before this post we had example of formal or business letter. Today we are learning the generic structure and some examples of how a personal letter is composed.

To make clear how to write a personal letter, below is some elements should be included when writing a personal letter. They are:
1. Date: It is the month, day and year that the letter is written on.
2. Greeting: Some times we call it “salutation”. It is the introductory phrase. It can be a phrase like:

  • Dear Tono, Dear My friend, Dear My Brother, etc
  • Body: All kinds of letter formal or informal have the letter body. This is the complete text of the letter or the subject matter content.

3. Closing: It is the farewell phrase. That is a word that precedes the signature and is followed by a comma. The phrases can be like; Yours truly, Sincerely, Respectfully yours, Regards, etc.
4. Signature: This the place where you writ your name and signature.

Examples of Personal Letter for Various Purposes
After understanding the generic structure of how a personal letter is organized, now we see some sample below.

generic structure of personal letter

The first letter above is written by friend to another friend to inform that one of them can not meet in a time asked. He replies for sorry and rearrange to another time. Again a personal letter below is very informal. Read it!

generic structure of informal letter

Have you notices that personal letter can be different from one to the others? It ca be as informal letter is written by some individual subject to another and does not limited by some rules of writing ad styles.

Learning how to write a personal letter is one subject of functional text when studying English in high school. Additionally you have to learn some English text genres such as narrative text which relates to a story entertaining readers and teaching some moral value. You also need to understand what is spoof text which you will find a lesson about twist. Besides that you also learn about descriptive text which teaches you how to make a vivid impression to your reader about something you want to describe.

Learning English in this even semester of every academic year is not complete if you have not understood what is news item. This is a basic writing exercise to create a news as journalist. Of course if you are in the eleventh grade of high school, you also learn hortatory exposition text and for whom in the twelfth grade, you will be accomplished with a lesson of making a review text. It is a wide range of topics when you are learning English through text based approach in high schools.

For more reading on the example of personal letter, you can find over the Internet which surely there will be a bunch of examples. However if you don’t like to search by yourself, you can go reading the following articles

That’s all about the generic structure and example of personal letter. For business letter you can see my previous post, or you can see an other articles relating functional text in learning English.