9 Contoh Narrative Text Fable Lengkap Arti dan Generic Structure

Dia merasa sangat senang. Sejak hari itu,dia berenang dan bermain dengan teman-teman barunya dan merasah lebih bahagia dari pada sebelumnya.

Generic Structure Contoh Narrative Text Fable
1. Orientation of the Narrative text: It introduces the participants which involve in the story of the Ugly Duckling. They are duck mother, Ugly duckling, duckling’s sister, and the swan.
2. Complication of the narrative text: It brings the rising conflict. In a long story, the complication should be minors and a major. In this story of ugly duckling, the major complication is that the new born duck is different form other little ducks. The difference makes him get bad treatment from others animals. As results, he is sad, unhappy and finally runs away.
3. Resolution of the narrative text: It comes to a solution for the complication. In narrative texts, a resolution can be happy ending or sad ending. In this story of the Ugly duckling, the resolution is happy one. He gets new friends who do not treat him badly.

4. The Mouse Deer And The Tiger
One day, there was a mouse deer. He was thirsty so he wanted to drink on the river.
When the mouse deer came next to the rive, a tiger approached him and wanted to eat him. Of course the mouse deer tried to escape, but the tiger run faster and caught him. In that dangerous situation the mouse deer thought hard how to escape the tiger. Then he got idea and said to the tiger, “Listen! Your mightiness and toughness are all great! But I have my own king. He has a greater strength than yours! I am sure that nobody can match his powers!” Because the tiger felt taunted, he declared that he would challenge the mouse deer’s king.
Next the mouse lead the tiger to the river, and said, “Now Look at the water. You will see my king” Foolishly the tiger looked in the river and surely saw another tiger in the water. Then he growled, but the tiger in the river imitated to growl too. Because of his too high self pride, the tiger jumped into the water, and wanted to fight. He was believing there was another tiger in the water.
The mouse deer took that opportunity to escape. After fighting with himself in the river, the tiger realized that he was fooled by the mouse deer.

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