Importance of Forest Conservation – Contoh Analytical Exposition Text

Belajar jenis teks bahasa Inggris kalai ini adalah memahami cotoh analytical exposition text. Apa pengertian teks analytical exposition itu? Sebelumnya sudah kita bahas juga bahwa teks ini intinya memberikan alasan atau argumentasi atas pentingnya suatu hal. Agar apa yang dianggapa penulis itu bisa diterima oleh pembaca, maka beberapa alasan perlu diberikan supaya pembaca menyadari akan perlunya suatu hal tersebut.

Secara teori, semua contoh analytical expsotion text akan tersusun berdasar generic structure yang mengandung unsur-unsusr thesis, arguments, dan reiteration. Secara sederhana ketiga unsur tersebut adalah menyatakan pentingnya suatu hal, menyajikan alasanyang mendukung, dan menutup kesimpulan berdasarkan alasan-alasan yang diberikan itu.

The Importance of Forest Conservation

contoh analytical exposition about forest conservation
Inilah ulasan kenapa menjaga hutan itu penting sebagai contoh analytical exposition text bahasa Inggris

Forest the oldest and most diverse ecosystem, are important for their products. They also keep soil fertile, ensure the supply of constant water under the ground, regulate the climate and prevent floods.

Firstly, the leaves which have fallen to the ground become some kind of substance. This substance which is called humus is a fertilizer to the soil. Humus holds rain water during the wet season, stores it and then waters the fields in the dry season.

Secondly, thus the fields can produce more crops. For years many people haven’t been obeying the government’s regulations and have been cutting down the trees excessively. As a result, thousands of hectares of what used to be good forest lands have become waste. These people are not aware that without forest nothing prevents the water will wash away the soil to the river. It may cause floods which will destroy the farmland and villages.