12 Contoh Narrative Text Legend dan Terjemah

“My name is Puteri, I do not mind to be your wife,” said the girl seems urgent.

That’s farmers nodded. And they become husband and wife. But, there was a promise that must be agreed, that is they should not be told that the origin of a fish Princess. If that promise abandoned, then there will be a terrible accident.

After reaching the village, the villagers became excited, to see beautiful girls are lovely with farmers.

“She may be a woman came down from heaven,” they said.

The farmers feel very happy and peaceful. As a good husband, he continues to work hard for continuance of his life with farming. Because hard work, the farmers are living without a shortfall in his life.Many people envious, and they spread the suspicion that it can throw the success of the business of farmers.

“I know that farmers keep the spirit!” Someone said to her friends.

It was up to the ear Farmer and Puteri. But they do not feel offended, even the more diligent work.

A year later, Farmer and his wife happiness increases, because the farmer’s wife give birth a male baby. He gave the name of his son Putera. Their happiness does not make them forget themselves. Son grow into a healthy and strong child’s. He was a sweet child but scampish. He had a habit of making wonder both parents, that is always feeling hungry. Food should be eaten 3 people can eat their own.

After all, the Son always make irritated his father. If in order to help working parents, he always refused. Farmer’s wife always reminds farmers that are patient with their child behavior.