12 Contoh Narrative Text Legend dan Terjemah

“Yes, I will be patient, even though he was never our children!” Farmer said to his wife.

“Thanks God!, you think like that. You is a husband and a good father,” praised Puteri to her husband.

Indeed, people say, patience is no limit. This is experienced by the farmers. One day, Putera get a job deliver food and drink to the field where his father is working. But Putera does not fulfill its tasks. Farmers await the return of her son, while holding thirsty and hungry. He immediately returned to the house. The Farmes see Putera playing ball. Farmers became angry while pinch ear his son.

“scallywag! Not know themselves! Basic fry!” indignation of the farmers, without conscious have such words.

After the farmers say the words, then and there the child and his wife disappeared. disappear without trace and former. Impressions of the former legs, sudden gush of water which is very swift and the downpours. Farmers village and all the surrounding villages submerged. Overflow water is very high, so wide and formed a lake. Lake was eventually known as Lake Toba. While small island in the middle known as Samosir Island.

Terjemahan The Legend of Toba Lake
Di sebuah desa di Sumatera utara, hidup seorang petani. Dia adalah seorang petani yang bekerja rajin pertanian lahan, meskipun tidak besar. Dia bekerja cukup keras untuk menjadi kebutuhan mereka. Bahkan, ia memiliki cukup untuk menikah, tapi dia tetap memilih hidup sendiri. Di pagi yang cerah, petani memancing di sungai.

“Mudah-mudahan minggu ini saya mendapat ikan besar,” katanya dalam hati. Beberapa saat setelah hook dilemparkan, itu gerak pancing. Dia segera mengatur hook. Petani menghibur bahwa setelah ia mendapat ikan cukup besar.