12 Contoh Narrative Text Legend dan Terjemah

The youngest  son of the king of the Western Lands wanted to travel, and so left father’s palace. For many days, the prince travelled east, hiding whenever he saw soldiers. Many weeks later, he came to a small lake in the Eastern lands.

Because it was hot, the prince went for a swim in the lake. Suddenly, he saw a beautiful girl on the opposite side of the lake. He swam to her side, and they began to talk.

“I am a traveller from the Western Lands,” said the prince.

The girl’s eye grew wide. “Then you must leave,” she said. “My father, the king, will kill you if he finds you here.”

The prince was about to swim away when the giant princess called him back. “Don’t go yet. My ladies and I will hide you for a time, and we can swim together each day.”

After his long journey, the prince was glad to have chance to rest. The princess’s ladies hid him in a small house in the forest near the lake. Each day they brought him food, and each day he swam with the princess in the lake, before long, the prince and the princess fell in love.

“I want to marry you,” said the prince.

“But my father would never agree to it,” said the princess. “He would never let me marry a prince of the western Lands.”

“I’ll go and ask him anyway.” Said the prince, and he walked to the palace of the king of the Eastern lands.