How to Speak English Fluently: Procedure Text Example

English Admin – Today we are learning an example of procedure text about  how to speak English fluently. The main goal of this lesson is showing a procedure text form and not the accuracy of the steps when trying speaking English fluently.

Procedure text show some steps and instruction on how to do thing completely. When we are buying new gadget, for example, we are given along with a manual installation note. That is a functional procedure or instruction  to make the gadget usable.

How to make such instruction written material? That is the way a procedure text organized which we are learning now.  There are may topics to write for this kind of text such as, how to cook, how to make a candle, how to wear  a tie, how to be a good student and for the topic now is how to try speaking English. So here we go.
Simple Instructions on How to Speak English Fluently
What you need to do
1. Your willingness to speak
2. Your self confidence that you can
3. Your vocabularies on certain topics

The Steps to Speak English Fluently
After you have the things to do, now it is the time to make action, speaking English aloud
First of all, realize that English Is a odd Language.  You have to accept that some time the  patterns in English grammar don’t make sense at all. For example, why are “read” (reed) and “read” (red) the same word, but they are pronounced differently.
Second phase, stop being a Student. What does it mean? Stop thinking of yourself as someone who is learning English but start thinking of yourself as someone who can speaks English.
Next, get more out of listening English! Most students listen to a native English-speaker, they focus on understanding what all the words mean. This is definitely important.
After that, learn and Study Phrases. Speaking English is saying expressions to show your thoughts, feelings and ideas. Your goal is to speak English in full sentences, so why not learn some phrases and sentences representing your thought and idea.
Don’t Study Grammar Too Much. You have to know that speaking English fluently isn’t the same as knowing perfect English grammar – even native English-speakers make grammar mistakes! Fluency is about being able to communicate.
Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes. Sometimes it is difficult to put all those rules and words together into a correct sentence but don’t let the fear stop you from speaking English. Even if you think you’re making a mistake, keep speaking anyway!
Finally, use English. There’s an expression: “Use it or lose it!” . It means if you don’t practice speaking English, you might forget how to speak it. This thought can be used to help you remember new English vocabularies.