Podcast to Improve English Listening Skill – Hortatory Exposition Sample

English Admin – Now we are learning another example of hortatory exposition. The topic is the advantages of podcast in improving English listening skill. Gaining understanding on learning genres, this sample is accomplished with generic structure note.

Before we see the sample, let’s talk a little about hortatory text. Many students get confused to differentiate hortatory exposition and analytical exposition. We remind you again that the difference of the two text genres is located in the final paragraph. Now here is the short sample.
Podcast to Improve English Listening Skill
Podcast is from the words “iPod” and “broadcast”. Podcasts are basically radio programmers that can be downloaded onto an MP3 player. Why can this podcast improve your English listening skill?

First reason, podcasts give you the chance to listen to English from around the world, including both native and non-native speakers. As you listen to more and more English, you will understand more