Learning Past Tenses in English Through Recent News

English Admin as a blog for learning English has posted present tenses trough quotes. Today we going to learn English Past Tenses through some recent news. As we have stated before, learning English media very from one person to others. Some do like study from picture or movie clips, while we are here try to give you another source, that is news.

After we have studied 4 English Present Tenses. Now we are going to learn Past Tenses. What are past tenses? What time divisions are included in these language structure? And how these tenses are written?

4 Categorized English Tenses In Past Time Division
We we stated in the previous post, actually English tenses are derive from 4 major time line. They are Present, Past, Future, and Past Future. The first time division, present has been discussed here, now we will see what are past division How many tenses are labelled in this Past categorization. See the picture below!