Learning English in Present Tenses Through Best Quotes

Learning English tenses can be through various media. One likes to learn English trough forums, news, or speech. I my self today show you how to learn English tenses, especially Present Tense, though various best quotes. Unlike past tenses which are used a lot in narrative text, story or biographical note, present tenses are timeless and relate a lot with report or explanation text.

Do you like reading quotes? What quote do you like much? Motivational quotes attract me so much and do the inspirational one. From this quotes, we can get inspired and why don’t we use the as media for learning English tenses and grammar?

4 Categorized English Tenses In Present Time Division
We do not discus how many exactly tenses in English.One say there are 12 tenses, and the others comment that all tenses in English language are 16. Now we are talking about the tenses in time division of present.

learning English tenses through quotes
Learning English Present Tenses through famous quotes

Present Tenses can be in Simple, Continuous, Perfect, and Perfect Continuous. What and how these four Present Tense are structured? In this post we are going to show you some example through some quotes which we have known but maybe we have not noticed those can be used for learning English Tense

1. Simple Present Tense and Famous Quotes
This tenses are used to denote something that is fixed, habitual or an essential truth. Because it is often related to the incident at about past, present and future, this at least has the Tenses description for a certain time.