Narrative Text with Good Moral Value: Hungry Lion and Foolish Stag

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‘My horns are so wonderful, but I hate my tiny feet!’ he grumbled, and walked away sulkily. Meanwhile, a hungry lion had been following him. The lion said under his breath, ‘What a delicious lunch you are going to be!’ The stag turned and saw the lion, then started to run quickly across the plain. His nimble feet gave him the advantage over the lion and he quickly reached the forest.

‘You won’t catch me now!’ called the stag to the lion, who was still far away. However, after entering the forest the stag soon found that his horns had become tangled in the branches of the apple trees above.
‘Oh no!’ cried the stag, ‘What a fool I have been! I hated the feet that would have saved me, but boasted about the horns that have made me a lion’s lunch! Every day the lion lies around waiting for a foolish stag like me to come along, and now… Oh dear!’

By this time the lion had approached, walking slowly and smiling broadly.
‘Mmm! I’ve been hoping for a meal like this all week! My dear friend the stag with his great big horns ambles into a forest… et voila! My lunch is served cold!’

‘Can’t we just try to get along?’ begged the stag, struggling desperately to free his fantastic horns.
‘Well,’ began the lion thoughtfully, ‘No, I don’t think so. You see you are a stag and I am a lion.’ Then he ate the stag whole – leaving just the horns, which he kept to hang on the wall of his lair.

Terjemahan dan Arti dari ceri Narative Fable The Hungry Lion And The Foolish Stag

Singa Lapar dan Rusa Bodoh Rusa yang indah sedang minum di kolam. Dia melihat bayangannya di air dan mengagumi ukuran dan kemegahan tanduknya. Setelah beberapa menit ini dia menunduk menatap kakinya dan melihat betapa kurus dan lemahnya penampilan mereka. Dia merasa malu.