What is Discussion Text? Definition and Sample

English Admin – Learning English texts. One of text types which students should learn in a high school is the example of discussion text. The definition of discussion text referring to common sense is a text which deals to  a certain issue arousing pros and cons opinions.  The issue discussed should be a problematic discourse.

This is the series of articles relating to the definition of text types. What is discussion text actually? To answer the question, we have to know the 3 basic elements when learning English text types in high schools. How we can identify an example of discussion text? Refer to 3 basic elements below!

Definition and  Purpose of Discussion Text
Discussion text is defined as a text to present a problematic discourse. The problem will be discussed from different viewpoints. The are some supporting arguments as well as against arguments. A discussion text is commonly found in philosophical, historic, and social writing.

The purpose of discussion text is given given relating to the definition. According to sacsnet.sacs.nsw.edu.au a discussion text is written to have a social purpose as
Purpose A discussion is used to present different opinions on a particular issue or topic ie arguments for and against/positive and negative/good and bad.
The point is a balanced style of writing. The writer does not force his own opinion about the problematic issue. He gives a balanced point of view so the writer and readers eventually have clear steps tones and make the best decision.

Generic Structure of Discussion Text

clear definition and generic structure of discussion text

The definition of discussion text should cover three areas. They are social function, schematic structure, and language feature

1. Statement of issue: Stating the issue which is to discussed
2. List of supporting points: Presenting the point in in supporting the presented issue
3. List of contrastive points: Presenting other points which disagree to the supporting point
4. Recommendation: Stating the writer’ recommendation of the discourse

Language Feature of Discussion Text
Introducing category or generic participant
Using thinking verb; feel, hope, believe, etc
Using additive, contrastive, and causal connection; similarly, on the hand, however, etc
Using modalities; must, should, could, may, etc
Using adverbial of manner; deliberately, hopefully, etc

Example of Discussion Text

There will be a list of text identified as discussion texts. How ever they will be given in a separated articles. Below is the best sample as my collection for discussion text

That’s all the definition generic structure, language feature, and example of discussion text in English genre. This short essay type is an argumentative writing. Due to the argumentative characteristics, the writer has to get a deep serious research and analysis on that topic. Happy learning English.


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