What is Discussion Text? Definition and Sample

English Admin – Learning English texts. One of text types which students should learn in a high school is the example of discussion text. The definition of discussion text referring to common sense is a text which deals to  a certain issue arousing pros and cons opinions.  The issue discussed should be a problematic discourse.

This is the series of articles relating to the definition of text types. What is discussion text actually? To answer the question, we have to know the 3 basic elements when learning English text types in high schools. How we can identify an example of discussion text? Refer to 3 basic elements below!

Definition and  Purpose of Discussion Text
Discussion text is defined as a text to present a problematic discourse. The problem will be discussed from different viewpoints. The are some supporting arguments as well as against arguments. A discussion text is commonly found in philosophical, historic, and social writing.

The purpose of discussion text is given given relating to the definition. According to sacsnet.sacs.nsw.edu.au a discussion text is written to have a social purpose as
Purpose A discussion is used to present different opinions on a particular issue or topic ie arguments for and against/positive and negative/good and bad.

The point is a balanced style of writing. The writer does not force his own opinion about the problematic issue. He gives a balanced point of view so the writer and readers eventually have clear steps tones and make the best decision.

Generic Structure of Discussion Text