Example of Narrative: The Tale of Kite

Tale can be good as example of narrative text. Though is is classically spoken but it keep the structure where a narrative text takes a place.

Narrative text is found in many format and style. we often hear a story of Cinderella and a story about a place legend. Now let see the following sample

The Tale of Kite

example of narrative text about tale

The story of kite which struggled to find out the way of going home written as example of narrative text

The sun shone brightly and the west breeze blew. The kite was flying this way and that way tied to her string.

Suddenly the string snapped. The kite was free. She soared high in the air until she could see far, far away.

The kite followed some parrots who took her to see the rainforests. The air was cool and the kite got wet.

The kite followed some crocodiles who took her to see the rivers. The air was misty and the kite caught a fish.

The kite followed some wallabies who took her to see the deserts. The air was hot and the kite got tired.

So the kite followed the sun who took her back home, right to her string.

Note on Narrative Text Generic Structure
The example of Narrative above is taken from Jeany Eather. We see that Narrative will be a narrative if the text include any complication among the characters. Narrative is mainly to tell a story. Telling a story is intended to entertain as well teach certain moral values.
1. Orientation.
From the narrative example above, we can see the specific generic structure which actually makes this text different from other text types
The first paragraph is setting the scene. This scene set up will include information of who, what, when and where. This is actually what we know as Orientation to introduce the participant in the text, kite and information near it.
2. Complication.
The second paragraph is introducing a problem as complication set which is followed by other three paragraphs as series of event.
3. Resolution.
The last paragraph is the resolution to end the story. Resolution can be good or bad. In that story above, the kite foun the right way going home. It succeeded.

There are many kinds stories which can be labelled as example of narrative text. You can read in this blog or you can find by your self. Keep learning English.

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