Short Conversation – Making Suggestion and Advice

English Admin – short conversation of making and suggestion and advice in English. This topic is given for high school students who learn English in classroom. They learn English through text types based approach.

As transactional communication, this speaking topic is closely related to some exposition and argumentation essay, such as analytical, hortatory, and review text.

how to make advice in English

Some phrases and expressions to show advice and suggestion  in English

Making Suggestion and Advice. What phrases and typical situation are used to make suggestion and advice? The following phrases are useful expression for making suggestion and advice:
I think you should . . .
I don’t think you should . . .
Why don’t you . . .
Why don’t we . . .
Let’s . . .
Why don’t we go to the movies tonight?
You could visit New York while you’re there.
Let’s go to the travel agent’s this afternoon to book our ticket.
What about asking your brother for help?
How about going to Hawaii for your vacation?
I suggest we take all the factors into consideration before we decide.

The above phrases for making suggestion and advice can be applied in the following short speaking situation
Man: I think you should buy the blue one.
Woman: That’s a good idea.
Man: I don’t think you should sell your car.
Woman: Thanks for the advice, but I really need the money.
Man: Let’s go bowling tonight.
Woman: Sorry, I can’t. I’m meeting a friend for dinner.
Man: Why don’t we go skiing on Saturday?
Woman: Sounds like a good idea. Where do you want to go?
Man: Why don’t you come with me to China?
Woman: Thanks, but I’ve already been there.

So that’s all about conversation of how to make aadvice and suggestion in English. This speaking situation for making suggestion and advice is arranged from:

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