How Seasons Change: Example of Explanation Text

Do you know how seasons form? What is the process? Answering such question and organized in certain paragraph structure is the best example of explanation text.

What is explanation text in English? We have discussed in the article previously. In short, a written text which can be labelled as explanation is a text explaining how and why questions. To make clear, see a very short sample below

How do seasons happen?

example of explanation text how season happen
How seasons change from summer, autumn, winter, and spring is for an example of explanation text

Seasons come to us regularly. We have probably noticed that it gets warmer in summer or dry season while it get colder in the winter or wet season. However do we know how these seasons change?

Seasons happen and change every year. This happens because the earth tilts back and forth as it goes around the sun. During the summer, the earth tilts toward the sun. It makes half of the earth hotter. this condition is what we call summer. During the other half of the year, the earth tilts away from the sun. As a result, it makes that half of the earth cooler. This cool condition is then what we call winter.

The different parts of the world have the same season at different times. In the northern half of the world , winter happens during the months of December, January and February. The regions are such North America and Europe. In the other hand, the southern half of the world have winter during the months of June, July and August.The regions are like South America and Australia. How does this difference happen? The same season happens at different times because the top and bottom halves of the earth tilt away from the sun at different times.

This short sample explaining how seasons happen in the world is based on the source:

Short Note on Generic Structure of Explanation Text about Seasons
For more detail what and how the structure, see the explanation text definition given previously. We are now giving you the organization applied on the text above
1. general Statement: First information about text read. See the quotation below!

However do we know how these seasons change?

2. Sequenced Explanation: Detail explanation about the thing stated in the first paragraph. The quotation below will help how the structure is applied by the writer.

This happens because the earth tilts back and forth as it goes around the sun.
The different parts of the world have the same season at different times.

Explanation text make a thing seems clearly understood. Explanation text is mostly about scientific and academic writing. So if you want to get one, prepare by exercising writing this explanation essay more.

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