Monitor Children Using Computer: Example of Analytical Exposition Text

English Admin РExample of Analytical Exposition Text. Learning English in many schools now tend to focus how well students understand 13 kinds of text in English. Analytical exposition is used to convince readers  that there is something important  and need seriously considered.

Today we have an example of analytical exposition text about the importance of controlling children while using computer. It is the important matter which the writer suggest to be considered seriously. Why monitoring the usage of computer is an important matter then is explained in some argumentation. How an analytical exposition is written to show how the importance of parenting children while using computer and consuming Internet contents. Below is the sample!

Controlling Children Using Computer is Important

example of analytical exposition about children and computer
Controlling children using computer is very important written as example of analytical exposition text

Recently we hear a lot of children get the advantage of social networking sites but we often see the news about the disadvantage of it for children. Healthy and safety usage of computer and Internet should continue to be campaigned.

The role of parent in assisting and directing children using computer is very necessary. Installation of monitoring software which has function to watch and note all activities relating to keyboard usage is helpful but not enough to protect children from potential harms. Children tend to hide what they have done with computer to their parent. They see that all of they have done are the privacy and no one may know.